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It is a common practice in the entire world that people eat some mouth freshener after their meal and leisure time also. In Western country they chew Chewing gum and in Asia sub continent pan. This Pan is of Betel leaf with lime, Areca nut, clove, cardamom etc

Betel Leaf: this is a leaf of a creeper called betel. The leaf is dark green and has heart shape.

Areca Nut: Areca nut is a fruit of an Areca Palm tree. In most of the South East Asia country it is Chew with the leaf of Betel. Thus since long Areca nut is commonly known as Betelnut. Betelnut is a mouth freshener and very good for teeth exercise. The oil of Betelnut has Herbal properties. It is good for teeth because of the herbal properties which makes the teeth as strong as rock.

Clove: Clove is well known for its in built quality of hygienic nature. In the ancient time surgical instruments were sterilized with Clove oil. Even in these scientific days the oil is used in most of the toothpaste and clove oil is used and applied on tooth for any teeth problem.

Cardamom: Itís an herb mostly produced on high altitudes. Its aromatic nature makes people attracted. Its oil is good for health.

Lime: It is good for bones and teeth

Essence: It is the axtract of different herbs, flower and roots and fruits. It has oil from rose flower, Clove, Capsicum, Cardamom etc.

Mint: This is a natural product and has a strong minty flavor. Most of the medicine for throat and lungs congestion contain mint.

Pan Masala: Pan Masala is a mixture of all the above ingredients. The mixture is prepare with precise measurement so that the balance of all ingredients are maintained keeping in mind the taste and health .In the last 20 Years in countries like India, Pakistan & Bangladesh, Pan Masala has become the most popular mouth freshener. Over all the use is good for the health and mouth freshener.

Now in the modern times most of the western countries have developed the Synthetic Oil with similar synthetic flavor. This synthetic oil is made of chemical and petroleum products. We know that synthetic products are not goods for health. Pan Masala is natural and an agricultural product. Uses of Pan are been used since civilization has come in humans. It has the herbal properties in it. Time has changed and in the modern time getting Pan is difficult and some time not hygienic. Pan Masala is prepared in a hygienic conditions and it is pack in pouches, so it is 100 % hygienic.

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